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Abbott’s ‘New’ Policy For Refuges

Tony Abbott has today stated that his government would make refuges complete ‘community work’ in return for the basics they need to live. I can’t think where he got the idea for this solution, but it seems familiar somehow.

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The Devil is in these Details

Take a good look at this man, Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox just may be the catalyst to force our Governments to act on the systemic child abuse in the Catholic Church.

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A Where Were You Moment?

In a lifetime there are those moments that you never forget where you were when it happened. Watching Felix Baaumgartner step from his tiny capsule to commence his supersonic freefall from (aprox) 39 Kilometres above our planet is one such … Continue reading

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Spock & KIrk Syndrome

I’ve been having a conversation with some friends about how, as a naturally divergent thinker, whenever I surface from a spell of critical/rational thinking, I return to an instinctive feeling that logic and reason alone do not the man maketh. In my simple terms I call it the Spock & Kirk Syndrome… Continue reading

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Hello world!

Hello there and welcome to the first post on the JRB Says WordPress Blog! I’m not totally sure what things will grab my attention enough for me to break out of Twitter’s 140 character limit, but I figured it was … Continue reading

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