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misogynist [mi-soj–uh-nist, mahy‐] noun: a person who hates, dislikes, mistrusts, or mistreats women. Misogynist is a word that has been heard a lot in this part of the world in recent years, but it only occurred to me on hearing it … Continue reading

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Enough Is Enough

Enough Is Enough lays out a visionary but realistic alternative to the perpetual pursuit of economic growth—an economy where the goal is enough, not more.

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My Best Ideas…

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Cheers All…It’s Dry July

I write this after completing day one of Dry July, a fundraising challenge to not drink alcohol for the 31 days of july. Dry July raises funds to create better environments and support networks for adult cancer patients and their … Continue reading

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My First Book Arrives

I’m happy to receive the first copy of my book JRB’s Haiku Journey and even happier that I’ve already sold some! You can get a copy of the paperback or eBook versions here Smiles, love and laughter. John Belchamber

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Alain De Botton’s List For Life  has a lot to teach us about living well, be it in our business or personal lives, no matter what your philosophical or theological outlook is. 

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Who Pope Benedict XVI Follows on Twitter

Pope Benedict XVI is now on Twitter (@Pontifex) although he doesn’t start tweeting until later this week. I confess to having a feeling that this will not end as well as he (and his advisors) may think. However, I welcome … Continue reading

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Abbott’s ‘New’ Policy For Refuges

Tony Abbott has today stated that his government would make refuges complete ‘community work’ in return for the basics they need to live. I can’t think where he got the idea for this solution, but it seems familiar somehow.

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Tony Abbott Says…

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Cardinal Pell’s Book Launch?

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