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Think Before Spreading Fear & Hate

‪ Pauline Hanson should reflect on these words by a victim of another politician who rallied a nation behind fear and hate. #auspol‬

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Enough Is Enough

Enough Is Enough lays out a visionary but realistic alternative to the perpetual pursuit of economic growth—an economy where the goal is enough, not more.

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Is This Tony Abbott’s Shopping List For Australia?

“FACT CHECKING” THE INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS” Tony Abbott’s request for trust should fall on deaf ears By @SainterSan] This post first appeared on The Peoplez Daily and is re-posted with permission of the author @SainterSan Fact checking political statements is … Continue reading

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Where In The World Is Tony?

  Where In The World Is Tony? Last night saw yet another QANDA on ABC without the presence of the man who wants Australia to believe he is the best choice as a Prime Minister who’ll represent all of us. … Continue reading

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Julia Bishop – The Missing Clip

We found this clip on the Canberra Cutting Room floors. The Julia Bishop Death Stare lives on!

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Abbott’s ‘New’ Policy For Refuges

Tony Abbott has today stated that his government would make refuges complete ‘community work’ in return for the basics they need to live. I can’t think where he got the idea for this solution, but it seems familiar somehow.

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Tony Abbott Says…

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The Devil is in these Details

Take a good look at this man, Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox just may be the catalyst to force our Governments to act on the systemic child abuse in the Catholic Church.

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Happy Planet and Happy People…Yes Please!

I recently subscribed to Ted Books, the books expand on the great video series adding detail and resources that the short video format does not allow. One of the first books I read was Nic Mark’s “The Happiness Manifesto” … Continue reading

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Cleaning Out The Cabinet

Julia’s recent calling on Bob Carr, a retired NSW State Premier, to come out of retirement to fill the Foreign Minister’s role after Kevin Rudd’s departure to the back benches made me wonder…is there really that little talent in our … Continue reading

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