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misogynist [mi-soj–uh-nist, mahy‐] noun: a person who hates, dislikes, mistrusts, or mistreats women. Misogynist is a word that has been heard a lot in this part of the world in recent years, but it only occurred to me on hearing it … Continue reading

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Where In The World Is Tony?

  Where In The World Is Tony? Last night saw yet another QANDA on ABC without the presence of the man who wants Australia to believe he is the best choice as a Prime Minister who’ll represent all of us. … Continue reading

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Julia Bishop – The Missing Clip

We found this clip on the Canberra Cutting Room floors. The Julia Bishop Death Stare lives on!

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Abbott’s ‘New’ Policy For Refuges

Tony Abbott has today stated that his government would make refuges complete ‘community work’ in return for the basics they need to live. I can’t think where he got the idea for this solution, but it seems familiar somehow.

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Tony Abbott Says…

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Tim Minchin’s Storm the Animated Movie

Tim Minchin has released his beat poem Storm as an animated film. I recall first hearing Tim perform Storm and just thinking, ‘about time’. So here it is for you to enjoy and maybe even learn a little from: Thanks Tim!

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Mars Curiosity Sends More Images…

Thanks to @Sainter, we have an update from Mars Curiosity providing more evidence that Australia beat America to Mars!  

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Mars Curiosity Sends New Image

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Cleaning Out The Cabinet

Julia’s recent calling on Bob Carr, a retired NSW State Premier, to come out of retirement to fill the Foreign Minister’s role after Kevin Rudd’s departure to the back benches made me wonder…is there really that little talent in our … Continue reading

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ALP Talent Development Program

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