Who Pope Benedict XVI Follows on Twitter

WHo the Pope Follows

Who the Pope Follows on Twitter

Pope Benedict XVI is now on Twitter (@Pontifex) although he doesn’t start tweeting until later this week.

I confess to having a feeling that this will not end as well as he (and his advisors) may think. However, I welcome his entry into the 21st Century…if only on twitter.

Popping by his profile today, I couldn’t help but notice that the list of people he’s following so far is somewhat…narrow. I guess if he only follows himself, it may in part explain why the Catholic Church is in such a spin during his ‘leadership’?

Anyway, I shall sit tight and await what unfolds as the Holy Tweets begin.

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4 Responses to Who Pope Benedict XVI Follows on Twitter

  1. Sainter says:

    Pope Benedict and the Seven Dwarfs? The Unmagnificent Seven? … And I’m not even a troll! 😉

    Apparently we are all being graced by the Pope’s visage so that he may enlighten us with 140 characters or less pearls of Catholic wisdom. I’m not sure that’s such a good idea. If he was a zen buddhist it might work… But I think the main problem is it is all rather ill conceived and shallow – a papal attempt at populism. Then there’s the troll factor that’s sure to make its presence known. Have fun, Benny … while it lasts.

  2. moondustwriter says:

    Trolls and goblins tweet tweet

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