Abbott’s ‘New’ Policy For Refuges

Sydney Chain Gang

Tony Abbott has today stated that his government would make refuges complete ‘community work’ in return for the basics they need to live.

I can’t think where he got the idea for this solution, but it seems familiar somehow.

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5 Responses to Abbott’s ‘New’ Policy For Refuges

  1. Sainter says:

    LOL … IMO, Abbott’s mindset is about 200 years behind the times so that image is spot on!

  2. Eikenlaan says:

    Incredible!! One can only laugh but in this world recession, anything is possible today, I’m not sure if any of our politicians have a brain? I am Irish but have lived and worked in Europe for many years and am currently between Ireland and Germany and the euro is one big problem. Nothing but cuts in salaries and new taxes. We might all be doing community work at the rate we are going, we might be happier people for it. Such a thought provoking read thank you!!

    • jrbsays says:

      Thanks for your comments and dropping by. It’s certainly interesting time for everyone in Europe it seems and although we seem to have been shielded from the worst of the GFC somewhat in Australia, I can’t see how it can go on forever.
      I do hope that you and yours go well 🙂

      • Eikenlaan says:

        Hi Jrb,
        I had a very good friend staying with me in Ireland for the month of September, she is from Melbourne and we talked a lot about our countries and the price of homes in Australia seems to be very high which is what happened in Ireland. It caused a property bubble that crashed and all property is worth about 70% less now than the boom of 2007 or top 2008. Also food and every day daily living standards seems to be very high in Melbourne but the earning power is very good and salaries are high. Ireland priced itself out of the world market because we paid ourselves too much. The minimum pay was 10 euro per hour and most jobs gave a pension and healthcare with bonuses on top and overtime pay….endless ways to top up your salary….it all ended in tears. I decided to leave the workforce in 2007 and unemployment has soared to 15%. The refugees/immigrants left because their benefits were cut and it is not that easy to get the high benefits of the boom – most people on benefits got an average of 40,000 euro a year from the state, it did not pay people to work anymore!! There are lots of changes now and our country is suffering. I live in Germany and Ireland because my husband travels throughout Europe for his work and it is much cheaper to live in Germany and salaries are much less than Ireland and there are very few benefits here, you get nothing free in this country. Ireland still has to cut a lot of the top civil servants and what I call “golden circles” of politicians, bankers, health sector, legal and property developers and more…..a huge problem with another budget coming next month!! New taxes every day, shocking but I can see it from the German side and from the Irish side and having lived in Holland and Belgium too, Ireland still has so much to do to bring itself into line with European neighbours. There is a Euro zone crises and slowly but surely a United Europe is developing with Pan European rules and regulations which is a good thing. I believe in German austerity for Ireland but a lot of Irish would not. What a topic of discussion and if you have property in Australia, I hope your mortgage is paid off because the prices will fall – it is a world problem. Maire

  3. jrbsays says:

    Eikkenland – I agree that prices in Aus have become expensive. Whilst the rise in value of the AU$ has impacted on this, I can’t believe that it is the only reason. Our basics for living have gone up considerably since I arrived here in 1997. As someone who travels to the UK every few years to visit family, we’ve watched the differences in prices reasonable closely in deed I wrote about it in a blog last year.
    Australia has never offered the breadth of wellfare net that the UK and other European countries offer. Arrivals are very much on their own (I know, my family went through a very tough first few years here).
    Property Prices – when we left the UK in 1995, it was during a major property slump and we lost money on selling our house. We rue doing so, but 20/20 vision is a wonderful thing. I have been predicting a property crash here for 15 years but apart from slight dips, or slowing in values, it has yet to happen…never say never however. Our banks have never been as easy to borrow from as US/UK banks which was a major cause of the GFC. We also still have a housing shortage so supply and demand is on our side. However, I hear your wise words 🙂

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