Make Dementia Just A Memory

I am donating a memory to work towards a World Without Dementia.
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My Wonderful Mum Anne Belchamber

My Mum - Anne Belchamber

This is Anne Belchamber, my wonderful mum who suffers with Dementia and is cared for by the fantastic team at Critchill Court in From, Somerset England.

Mum used to spend 6 months of her year with us here in Australia. Sadly, she is no longer able to leave England and my family miss her loving input to our lives so much.

Mum spent her career helping others, caring for them as a Nurse, District Nurse and then one of Devon’s first Hospice Nurses. Her loving and caring personality always shone through to everyone she met and she was never happier than when she was laughing with you.

Sadly, Dementia has taken it’s toll on the Anne so many know and love, but her light shines on and no matter what the future holds for her, there are many of us who hold the memory of this amazing woman in our hearts and minds.

Please take a moment to donate whatever you can afford, to help Alzheimer’s Australia continue with its mission to make Dementia a just a memory.

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Thank You!

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2 Responses to Make Dementia Just A Memory

  1. Sainter says:

    I can empathise to some extent, mate, my grandmother became mentally infirm in her late 60s, though it was due to a long life of alcohol abuse, not dementia. I hope for the sufferer as well as you or anyone else who has family or friends affected by this disease that dementia research is speeding down the road to a cure. Thankyou for telling us about your mum, I’ve tweeted your donation challenge. Cheers! 🙂

    • jrbsays says:

      Thank you for your story and your help in broadcasting my donation challenge @Sainter.
      Dementia is certainly the disease of our time and it doesn’t just strike down the elderly, there are plenty of people in their forties how are effected.
      I understand it kills more people each year than Cancer and as we live longer, will become more and more prevalent unless a cure can be found.

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