The Devil is in these Details

Take a good look at this man, Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox just may be the catalyst to force our Governments to act on the systemic child abuse in the Catholic Church.

The Devil is in these Details

Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox appeared on last night’s Lateline in an interview which I’m proud to say brought floods of tears to my eyes and I make no apologies for quoting word-for-word from his opening statements from one of the victim’s statement:

“Oh, Tony, I think most people would be absolutely crumpled up in tears to hear it. Just some examples of what I’ve sat and listened to is that one young boy at the hands of paedophile priest James Fletcher, he was 12 years of age when the priest drove to a secluded park outside of Maitland. He told the boy to remove his pants and the boy was totally unaware of what was going on and quite embarrassed, but that particular priest anally penetrated him.

The boy wasn’t aware at that stage that his anus had been torn and he started bleeding. He was screaming in agony on the seat and his knuckles were turning white. And as the priest continued to thrust while he screamed, he said he focused on the St Christopher’s Cross on the dashboard and watched it swaying back and forward to try and take his focus off the pain.

The priest never relented at any stage during that, and even after the act was completed, he was totally uncaring for the child and simply sat back in the driver’s seat and had a cigarette while he finished sobbing.”

Catholic Church Abuse Statistics From Just One Diocese

Whilst it is likely that we do not yet know the full extent of the Child abuse perpetrated by Catholic Priests and other employees of the Catholic Church, the Devil can be found in the details we do know:

I’m no mathematician, but I do know that if one extrapolates these numbers out to other Diocese in Australia and (as we’ve already seen), across the globe,  then  the numbers of children that are likely to have been subjected to such terrors is on a scale way past my minds capability to endure…quite simply, if anyone can comprehend such things and not take action, then their right to call themselves human is (to my mind) in serious doubt.

How High Up Is The Cover Up?

In his interview with Tony Jones on Lateline, Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox described how he was ordered to stop investigating these cases by his superiors and, how he has proof that the covering up of abuse within the church reaches high levels too.

TONY JONES: If things were covered up, if there was serious cover-up, how high up the chain did it go to your sure knowledge.

PETER FOX: I have definite information that – of some covering up certainly to a number of diocese bishops. It potentially goes even higher than that.

TONY JONES: Higher than that? You mean into the top levels of the Church hierarchy, is that what you’re saying?

PETER FOX: That’s correct. I’ve got no doubt. You know, to sit back and sort of say, “Listen, each of these diocese are self-autonomous and there’s no-one above that knows what goes on at those lower levels,” we live in a real world and it would be as if, you know, I’m doing something in the police force at Raymond Terrace and I’m not accountable to somebody else at a higher level at Newcastle or in Sydney.

That’s how the chain-of-command in any organisation works. To turn around and say, “No, we work something different. We didn’t know about that,” I think most of the public are smart enough to be able to put two and two together there.

To my simple mind, those that cover up such abuse are as guilty as the offenders themselves. Paedophilia might be defined as a psychiatric disorder not a lifestyle choice offenders make, but those that cover up the abuse that Paedophiles commit have consciously decided to do so – there can be no Nuremberg defence for such people what ever institution they followed orders (or ‘took orders’) within.

ABC Lateline stated that General secretary of the Australian Catholics Bishops Conference, Brian Lucas, the Archbishop of Adelaide, Philip Wilson and former Bishop of Newcastle, Michael Malone are under investigation by the NSW Department of Public Prosecutions for covering up Father Denis McAlinden’s crimes of abuse.

So it is alleged that the Church (and one must assume it’s followers) are keen to put such matters into the same closet as The Inquisition and other abuses of power it has conducted in God’s name over the millennia as (allegedly) are senior members of our law enforcement system. So what are our elected official doing about it?

There has been an government sponsored investigation in Victoria which is a start, but what about in NSW were these particular crimes were perpetrated and covered up?

Barry O’Farrell, NSW PREMIER has stated that “I’m not interested in a made-for-TV moment announcing a Royal Commission. I’m interested in getting people to pay the penalty of the abuse of children, the taking from young people their future.” and Lateline also quoted his spokesman as saying:

So why will the NSW Premier not call a Royal Commission? Surely someone who it seems was educated at St John’s Catholic College in the Northern Territory would want to see the Catholic Church’s good name restored? I guess you’ll have to make your own mind up as to why we’re not seeing any action from that quarter.

So what about our Federal Government? Julia Gillard is a renowned Atheist and Tony Abbott is almost as renowned for being an ex seminarian and (allegedly) devote Catholic. Are we seeing any action from them on tackling this global issue head on? Please let me know if we are as I seem to have missed it amongst all the intellectual ‘he said, she said’ of political debate in Canberra.

So What About You?

“All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing”
Edmund Burke (Anglican, 1729-1797)

Please excuse the ‘good men’ part of this highly relevant quote from antiquity. Allow me to update it to another version for our time “bad things happen when good people do nothing.”

  • Catholics – you are most welcome to observe the ritual of confessional absolution. If it gives you comfort in your lives I am happy for you. However, please spare a moments thought for the 400 known victims in Maitland, their families and the countless other victims we are yet to know of. I believe your Prophet said something like walk a mile in their shoes, try doing that and see how you feel about supporting your Church’s cover ups. I believe it was also Jesus who walked into Temples and decried them – accusing it’s priests of not representing his father? Speak Out Now!
  • Other Christians – you really have no excuse for not shouting from the highest rooftops in disgust at this abuse. Of course, some of you worship with Holy Men as guilty of child abuse as these Catholic Fathers – may I remind you that you do not have the sanctity of the confessional as a balm for your concious. Speak Out Now!
  • Other Theists – do not use this as an opportunity to gloat about how your version of religion is the right one. If you are prepared to sit back whilst little children are sexually abused by anyone, then your religious values are worthless. Speak Out Now!
  • Non-believers – I am one of you and I implore you to put aside rational arguments about there being no God and how this is just another example of religion abusing humanity to one side long enough for us to work with all the people of the world in demanding that churches be as accountable to earthly law, just as other organisations/institutions AND their followers are accountable. Speak Out Now!


Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox, I applaud you for speaking out. I hope that you will be the catalyst this country’s citizens need to Speak Out Now.

When all is said and done, child abuse is child abuse no matter who the perpetrator. What every Human has a right to is justice in their own country. What every adult has a duty to do is ensure human rights are given to children too.

  • If our Children don’t experience justice, how can we expect them to be just adults?
  • If Leaders don’t put humanity first, who will follow them?
  • If Oppositions can’t be strong enough to put aside political posturing when something is just plain right, then how can they ever be wise enough to rule?
  • If citizens remain silent in the face of evil, then they loose their right to good!

#Justice4Kids is why I #SpeakOutNow!

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3 Responses to The Devil is in these Details

  1. Sainter says:

    An excellent, heartfelt post if ever I’ve read one.

    A few points I’d like to make. Psychiatrists do say that pedophilia is a condition … a pathology. That may be true in some cases but I’m more convinced that its a product of perversion, lack of self control, lack of a normal lifestyle, and abject weakness of character. None of those can be dismissed as symptoms of a mental disease. Furthermore it’s illogical to assume that men afflicted with this ‘condition’ all want to join the priesthood. Churhes world wide of all denominations are proven breeding grounds for child sex abusers. The figures don’t lie.

    Secondly, A Royal Commission is absolutely essential if justice is to be served and systemic abuse in the church is to be stopped. It may very well shake the foundations of the establishment (probably why O’Farrell doesn’t want to proceed with said RC) but so what? That’s exactly what is needed, a cleanout. The Catholic church heirarchy – and other churches – is corrupt. It has turned its back on the moral foundations on which it stands. It has helped scar and destroy the lives of hundreds and thousands of individuals. And it protects criminals.

    You being a respected, caring father of two I can understand why tears would well in your eyes. In fact this whole topic is tragically upsetting … a horror, but #Justice4Kids demands that we speak out as loudly as possible. Kudos to you, my friend, for writing this heartfelt piece.

  2. jrbsays says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Barry O’Farrell announces Special Commission of Inquiry into police handling of abuse by Catholic clergy in the Hunter Valley.

  3. jrbsays says:

    Update: Kevin Lee, A former New South Wales priest claims to have witnessed a “system of cover-ups” within the Catholic Church to hide child sexual abuse. See the interview here >>

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