Feeling Even More Loved…

Just when I thought Queensland Reds couldn’t handle their changing of our seats to Platinum any worse, they have today sent me two emails.

The first was a happy jolly marketing blast saying that the 2013 Membership Packs are in the post but if we can’t wait we just need to pay our money on their website today.

Then the email below came from the Queensland Reds Membership Team:

Actually I did speak to their membership department as stated on this blog previously and asked them to call back once they’d actually sent the 2013 membership Packs out. I find it pretty amazing that they have gone from asking members to commit to renewing in October 2010, to September in 2011 and now it seems (in our case at least) August this year.

Oh yes, did I mention that their membership Team are now based in NSW? Queensland Reds, supporting Queensland businesses!

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3 Responses to Feeling Even More Loved…

  1. Sainter says:

    “Red” these days refers to the blood of it’s ordinary members. I see they are pushing for 40,000 next year – fat chance! Don’t you just love how they value their supporters? I wonder where the seating is for Gold members, out in the car park? I feel for you, mate. It’s not the teams fault, as usual it’s the bozos running the game…

  2. Samantha says:

    Hi JRB,

    I am writing in response to your posts regarding Reds Membership and specifically your concerns around seating categories for season 2013.

    Please note we have introduced a new website http://www.redsmembership.com.au which details all of our membership offerings across all categories for next season.

    As you are aware, Reds members who held seats in four sections of the Western Stand at Suncorp Stadium were advised mid last year that increased demand for Platinum tickets and memberships meant Queensland Rugby needed to provide more platinum seating at the venue from 2012.

    It was therefore deemed necessary to convert sections 601, 602, 603 & 640 from Gold to Platinum seating from season 2012, as has been the case for Wallabies Test matches staged at the same venue for some time.

    QRU understood this move may be disruptive and frustrating for some of our valued members who were seated in these prime areas prior to season 2012, and as such, it was determined to provide a year’s notice of the change, keep pricing at gold for a further year for those members, and offer two options to consider for 2013.

    As a sign of appreciation to our existing members in these sections, their price point was kept at Gold prices in 2012 as opposed to Platinum for one year. These Members were also presented with the option in 2011 to either 1) retain their seats in the re-zoned sections at the new platinum price point from 2013 or 2) relocate their seats to the best available gold seating from 2013.

    We understand that paying a higher price point to retain the same seats for season 2013 was not suitable for you however, QRU considers 12-months’ notice as satisfactory time to decide which option was more suitable for you for season 2013. We are sorry that you do not feel this process has been satisfactory. We have attempted to communicate the re-zoning clearly and with full consideration of all of our affected members.

    I have also read your comments around the location of Queensland Rugby’s membership team not being in Queensland. This is due to the shared service system that QRU utilises to process all memberships. It is shared between four Super Rugby franchises and the Wallabies and is centrally operated out of Sydney, at ARU Headquarters. This shared service reduces the costs incurred by QRU for the processing and management of memberships and ticketing which then allows more funds to be reinvested in to the game at grassroots level.

    Please feel free to contact me should you wish to discuss these matters further. You can reach me, Samantha Broun, at St.George Ballymore Rugby House direct on 07 3354 9344.

    Kind regards,

    • jrbsays says:

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and respond to this post. I do appreciate it, although you say nothing that I haven’t heard from your membership team in our conversations.

      As an update, I am still awaiting the membership pack to be delivered, although your team let me know where the alternative Gold Member seats you are offering us are located. Their placement reminded me of the old prospecting cry “there’s gold in them there hills”.

      I will point out a few issues I have with your reasoning:

      1. You notified me that our seats would be changed to Platinum within one week of the Reds winning the Supper 15 final. Hardly any wonder that the first impression was one of the QRU money grabbing based on recent success…if nothing else, it wasn’t great timing.
      2. The argument that you’re changing to be in line with Test Match seat allocation doesn’t hold water given that we don’t get allocated the same seats for Test matches, so how does it make a difference?
      3. Giving us one years notice “as a sign of appreciation”…I think part of my point is that seats up in the ‘gods’ of Suncorp are never going to be Platinum level. You can call a Ford Falcon a Rolls Royce, but that doesn’t make it one.
      4. There may be a demand for Platinum seats, but the seats simply aren’t of platinum standard. You can’t (or rather shouldn’t) offer them as such. Re-branding a ‘Small Coffee’ as ‘Regular’ (and charging more without changing it’s size) isn’t offering the customer value, but that’s what your doing isn’t it? The message you are sending out loud and clear is that you are grabbing money whilst the Reds are on a high and don’t care about those of us who have been loyal over the many lean years. I’m not the only long standing member who thinks so. I know of people who purchased Life Memberships some years ago who also have strong feelings how the QRU ‘allegedly’ treat them.
      5. If you knew Queenslanders you’d understand why having a NSW PO Box address is a bad idea. The small cost of having a QLD PO Box with redirected mail would at least keep up appearances and really wouldn’t hurt grass roots rugby….how would NSW fans be if they saw a Brisbane PO Box for their membership team..no need to answer that.

      Samantha, as I say I thank you for your reply and understand why you would want to do so and why you must say what you have. I have had conversations by phone and email with your team and it’s clear they can’t/won’t be changing this strategy. I hope you can understand why I would feel like I do about the changes the QRU are making. I sincerely wish you luck with 40,000 members in 2013 season and beyond.

      We Were Red!


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