Queensland Reds Cash In

The email below means that the Family Membership seats we’ve had for several years will go from costing $600 to $3000 next year. We were first informed of this change within 1 week of the Reds wining the Super 15 Final in 2011.

Queensland Reds haven’t yet sent us alternative seating offers or pricing for 2013, but have already been on the phone hassling us to either pay the money or loose our seats. Apparently “there’s big demand for Platinum seats” so we need to decide before we or anyone else is sent a brochure and pricing.

Given the email from the ARU telling us seats for next year’s Lions Test Matches will cost from $90 to $300 each, one has to ask have Rugby Union lost the plot completely? They clearly don’t want the average Australian to be at their games. Frankly, I’m gutted that the one sport I thought had yet to ‘sell out’ has done it in one foul swoop.

Anyway, for the record here is the email from the Reds…

“Dear Reds Member,

We are contacting you in relation to 2013 St.George Queensland Reds Membership, primarily concerning the re-categorisation in 2012 of Sections 601, 602, 603 and 640 on the Western Stand.

All Gold Reds Members with Membership seats allocated in the aforementioned sections in 2011 were contacted about the re-categorisation. Our Members had the opportunity to renew their same seats in 2012 into the now Platinum section at the Gold subscription price.

As of 2013, Sections 601, 602, 603 and 640 are categorised entirely as Platinum seating and are priced accordingly for all Membership and ticketing purposes.

Members wishing to maintain their 2012 seats for 2013 will have the opportunity to do so as long as your Membership is upgraded to Platinum.

Members wishing to remain as Gold Members can renew for 2013 in the Gold category and their seats will be re-allocated into the next best available Gold seating.

Please note that in 2013, Reds Members will have access to secure their Reds Membership seat for the Tour match against The British & Irish Lions at Suncorp Stadium on Saturday the 8th of June by purchasing a 9 game package. Your regular Reds Member seat will be allocated for the Lions Tour match if you renew prior to 14 September 2012.

We will commence calling the Primary Account Holders of all Gold Memberships in these sections in the coming days to discuss seating and Membership options for 2013.

If you have any inquiries or require further clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

The St.George Queensland Reds Memberships Team”

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