Memories of Byron Bluesfest 2012

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    Thu, Apr 19 2012 05:35:09
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    Sun, Apr 08 2012 05:40:15
  3. The parade of lights made its was through the festival grounds each evening.
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    John Paul Jones and Seasick Steve Serenading Me – Bluesfest 2012
    Wed, Apr 11 2012 04:17:17
  5. After starting the show by walking into the audience whilst sound engineers fixed up sound issues, Seasick Steve went on to serenade a very happy young lady from the audience.
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    John Fogerty at the Bluesfest 2012
    Sun, Apr 08 2012 05:35:44
  7. John Fogerty was one of the headline acts I hadn’t originally intended to watch, but then I did and remembered just how many great songs he was responsible for and ended up seeing him twice.
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    John Butler Trio at Bluesfest 2012 – Better Than
    Mon, Apr 09 2012 19:02:19
  9. My Son had been looking forward to seeing the John Butler Trio and he was not disappointed, what a great live show packed with all the hits!
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    ZIGGY MARLEY- Get Up Stand Up (Byron Bay Bluesfest 2012)
    Mon, Apr 16 2012 10:10:16
  11. Ziggy Marley delighted everyone with his own songs, but what would one of his shows be without a little of his Dad Bob coming out.
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    Tue, Apr 17 2012 11:46:12
  13. The Eagles weren’t there this year, but the owls lit up the night.
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    Dallas Frasca 2012-04-05 at The Byron Bay Bluesfest
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 04:46:48
  15. We saw Dallas Frasca first up in the morning, boy does she now how to wake a festival crowd up.
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    Alabama 3 2012-04-05 Hello, I’m Johnny at The Byron Bay Bluesfest
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 09:31:28
  17. One of the reasons we headed to Byron was Alabama 3 from the UK. They did two sets, this was from their first one which included many of their greats played in on acoustic.
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    My Morning Jacket 2012-04-05 at The Byron Bay
    Sat, Apr 14 2012 02:11:24
  19. A discovery for me was My Morning Jacket. A great mix of genres in their music, this is one from their latest Album which I’ve duly purchased.
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    Trombone Shorty at The Byron Bay Bluesfest 2012-04-06.wmv
    Tue, Apr 17 2012 06:32:57
  21. Trombone Shorty lived up to his reputation of putting on a great live show. The memory for me, Nirvana on a trombone.
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    Tribali Live at Byron Bay Bluesfest 2012
    Wed, Apr 18 2012 16:10:57
  23. Tribali were another find, amazing live performers. So good we went twice. Loved seeing my 11 year old son dancing atop a wheelie bin.
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    A Message To You Rudy
    Fri, Apr 06 2012 23:38:00
  25. The Specials took me back to y teenage years, especially A message To You Rudy. I have to say though, that the Melbourne Ska Orchestra beat the Specials at their own game.
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    Blitzen Trapper 2012-04-07 at The Byron Bay
    Thu, Apr 19 2012 03:36:33
  27. Another lovely find, Blitzen Trapper had me investing with iTunes yet again.
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    Josh Pyke – Memories & Dust
    Thu, Apr 19 2012 04:12:53
  29. Josh Pyke, another reason for heading to Byron and he didn’t disappoint.
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    Benjalu – One Last Time
    Mon, Apr 16 2012 04:09:37
  31. One of my favourite finds at Bluesfest was the boys from Newcastle Benjalu. How many tambourines can one singer get break in two songs. Yes, you guessed it…iTunes spending again.
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    Fri, May 27 2011 04:40:44
  33. OK, so not filmed at Bluesfest, but a family favourite was Bobby Alu…yet more iTunes money :0)
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    Melbourne Ska Orchestra, Nicky Bomba, Afro Moses at Byron Bluesfest
    Sat, Jun 11 2011 21:33:46
  35. Ok, so this was filmed at Bluesfest 2011, but this story wouldn’t be complete without some from the band that closed of the festival The Melbourne Ska Orchestra…Excellent!
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    We’re still taking submissions against the Byron Council Event Policy, we are nearly there! Spread the word RT:…
    Thu, Apr 26 2012 23:36:07
  37. If you want to see Bluesfest continue, then please make a submission to Byron Bay Council by following the link above before it’s too late. Let us not loose such a wonderful event!

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7 Responses to Memories of Byron Bluesfest 2012

  1. Sainter says:

    Some awesome clips here. I’m going to enjopy going through them. 🙂 Will you go next year?

  2. Sainter says:

    “enjopy”?? Make that enjoy. 🙂

  3. jrbsays says:

    I would certainly love to, just need to see what all various tribe members are up to first. Hopefully the Byron Council will not get their amendments through which would mean Bluesfest couldn’t go ahead. Grrrrrrrr

  4. Mel says:

    Awesome! I couldn’t sit still watching, tapping foot, singing along, especially , “A Message to You Rudy” just great stuff all around! Thank you so much for sharing! Fantastic! 🙂

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