ALP Talent Development Program


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3 Responses to ALP Talent Development Program

  1. Sainter says:

    If Carr doesn’t give a boost to the ALP’s flagging fortunes I don’t know what can. They almost messed up getting him onboard but it’s still a win inspite of that little hiccup. Rudd was a great Foreign Affairs Minister and only someone of Bob Carr’s stature can fill his shoes. Have you seen the cartoons in the papers? They are depicting him as Abraham Lincoln lol.

    • jrbsays says:

      I’ve used to be depicted as Lincoln when he was NSW Premier. As I recall he’s somewhat of an American politics boffin.

      It is rather concerning that there is no currently elected person considered to be talented enough for the post. If Swan goes will they drag out Keating?

  2. Sainter says:

    Yes he’s a Civil War buff – I think Beasley is the same.

    Keating? If only! Keating would make mincemeat of Abbott..then again Julia wouldn’t have her job for long with him in the caucus room. Other than Glillard, Shorten, Smith (Clark Kent) and a few others, Labor is bereft of talent. Luckily so is the opposition – making Hockey shadow treasurer is ample proof of that.

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