News Of Our World

As Citizens of the world express outrage (and other superlatives) at the News Of The World’s demise, I can’t help but wonder why.

It seems that the realization that the newspaper (allegedly) employed people to hack into mobile phone accounts as part of the relentless pursuit for a story that sells papers is a step too far – the moral boundary has apparently been crossed. Individuals, Social Media Groups and Governments are all jumping onto their soapboxes to decry the morals of the Murdoch Media (and others).

I should make it clear here that I’m a fully paid up founding member of the ‘Commercialization Has Ruined The Media Club’, but one has to wonder which really came first…the gutter media, or the billions of dollars/pounds in sales that drive it’s relentless pursuit of a ‘story’?

The media would have everyone believe that it’s US that dictate the content it delivers. It’s apparently OUR thirst for celebrity gossip, political/royal pho-pas and ‘shock horror’ stories that drive them to ever more desperate lengths to provide such ‘news’. It’s only natural that they should delve into everyone’s secret lives…as long as this is a one-way street.

I wonder;

  • Why is it that media that publish this type of gossip are ‘best selling’ at the expense of the more rigorous media?
  • Are you really addicted to the sort of tripe that the News Of The World (and countless others) has been peddling successfully for several decades?
  • Is gossip and rumour really what you want from your media?
  • Are you happy at the ever increasing levels of product placement in your news?
  • Is it OK to invade personal privacy for commercial purposes?

Its time we let media outlets know that what they are providing is not what we actually want. Whilst social media groups such as Boycott The Sun are growing in popularity, in reality it is only when we all stop buying the newspapers. subscribing to the paid for view TV and calling ‘talk back’ radio with our views that things will change.

Ask not what your local media can do for you, but what it is doing to represent what is really happening in your community.

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Just a regular married father of three type of guy. Writer of Haiku, founder of and other bits and other bobs.
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1 Response to News Of Our World

  1. SainterWayne says:

    Right now I’m crying in my root beer over the demise of that bastion of enlightened information, the…what was it called? That Murdoch rag! I AM LOL. The end of the News of the World might be (hopefully) a tiny nail in the coffin of tabloid garbage but I have my doubts. There’s a voyeuristic symbiosis going on between ordinary people’s love of gossip and the gossip pimps who provide it. I lay the blame at the feet of the tabloids mainly because they know better. It is within their power to inform and educate but they succumb to the allure of the almighty buck.

    I’m in no way addicted to fluff, gossip, sensationalism and the rest. The dumbing down of society is anathema to me. I fully appreciate that we need a light side to news but there are ways and means. How much is the scuttlebutt driven by the ordinary punter? I guess the sales figures say alot about that, but I doubt that tabloidism is a complete reflection of our nature. More it reflects a lack of education and knowledge, or a lack of purpose in one’s life. Perhaps refinement too without wishing to sound elitist. The thing is tabloid sensationalism hasn’t always been around to the present degree so interest in it would seem to be a matter of conditioning – Pavlov’s dog comes to mind.

    If we can learn to like this sort of stuff then we can unlearn it. The public reaction to NOTW phone tapping indicates we may be ready for a new dawn of intelligent, inforamative news as it’s meant to be. Crossed fingers, J. Great post, mate. 🙂

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