Andrew Newberg, M.D on God, Reality and Everything

Two interesting videos featuring Andrew Newberg, M.D on God, Reality and Everything in-between, Mystical experiences and reality. Thanks to my good twitter friend, @saintersan for bringing these to my attention.

Part One

Part Two

No doubt Dr Newberg’s views will spark much debate amongst the religious, spiritual and rational communities. If he’s right, it seems there can be no end to arguments about God’s existence….can there?

Do we just all need to accept each others realities and find a way to live with them?

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2 Responses to Andrew Newberg, M.D on God, Reality and Everything

  1. Wayne says:

    I wonder whether those “mystical” experiences of ultimate reality he refers to are caused by nothing more than altered brain chemistry induced by intense meditative states? As far as I can see there’s only two ways we can get at ultimate reality: through a direct consciousness experience or through intellectual pursuit, eg philosophical theory. I’m a bit wary of mystical claims to say the least, so methinks ultimate reality is probably what you experience first thing in the morning in the privacy of the smallest room in the house and the other mystical states are just an endorphin induced buzz…. I’ll keep thinking on it! 🙂

    • jrbsays says:

      Wayne, I also have a healthy scepticism towards “mystical experiences” but I wonder if he is talking of the type of experience that David Brooks talks of (see my post from today), which is achieved when we are so focussed and engrossed in a task at hand that “the cranium disappears” and we seem to become one with the task? As you say, this often happens when we’re ‘in the little tiled office doing the paperwork‘ 🙂

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